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AVK: Adsz Vagy Kapsz - felnőtt társasjáték (angol nyelven)

11 460 Ft

Szállítási idő: 2-4 munkanap
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AVK (OSG in English): an inspiring, stimulating conversation, erotic exploration and experimentation that leaves no one and nothing untouched... literally!


As players progress through the sensually spelling board of SEX, the desire grows and grows, gradually progressing through the Mysterious, Erotic and X-Treme phases. In the increasingly slippery tracks, luck will tell you what you'll do, where you'll do it, and who will get the reward for the task! And as you move into the OSG fields, you'll encounter incredibly sexy scenes and intimate challenges.


To get started, secretly write down your innermost sexual fantasies: the reward for winning is to make them come true!


Thanks to countless random combinations, you will have a new experience every time. Whatever the adventure, it's sure to bring you to an explosive climax with suggestive, erotic and x-rated games.


Contents of the adult board game box:

1 game board

1 pack of 1 game board 1 pack of mystery cards

24pcs Erotic cards

24pcs X-treme cards

4pcs dice

2pcs dummies

1 game description


Each move starts with the numbered dice. Based on the number rolled, move forward with your dice. Depending on the field you have landed on, you have to perform different tasks.


To win the game, you need to roll enough dice to move exactly into the GOAL box. Your prize is to realize the fantasy you described at the beginning of the game.


Márka:  GameXXX

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